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A Public Benefit Corporation
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Prosthesis for Every Limb

Tackling the issues that prevent 60% or more of United States amputees, approximately 1.2 million individuals, from accessing prosthetic devices and care.

Our goal is to break down barriers in prosthesis provision and create a comprehensive, inclusive, and accessible program that can be widely adopted. We are looking to provide an equitable solution for amputees, creating a better future.

Our Process:

  • Utilize collective intelligence technology to bring together a diverse community of amputees, researchers, healthcare providers, entrepreneurs, and non-profit leaders.
  • Co-create integrated solutions that are designed to meet the needs of the community and achieve desired outcomes.
  • Digital solutions center to be established, providing easy access to resources and information for amputees to advocate for themselves.
  • Regular progress reports are shared with clients and the community, detailing program development, implementation, and key performance indicators.
  • Program is continuously monitored and evaluated, with regular milestone assessments and refinement based on new technology, industry, and regulatory developments.
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